MarylandRentCourt.com was developed to fill the void that is present in each and every Maryland based Rent Court filing company. After growing tired of the lack of communications, the inoperable online filing systems, and, unprofessional agents who lack the core knowledge of Rent Court rules and procedures, MarylandRentCourt.com was born.

Former and Retired Law Enforcement Professionals, now licensed by the Maryland State Police as Private Detectives, have spent countless hours testifying and participating in both Criminal and Civil court proceedings. MarylandRentCourt.com has seen the void that is present and very obvious. MarylandRentCourt.com has dedicated Agents and Detectives that handle each and every case as if it were their own. MarylandRentCourt.com is a RESULT driven company.

MarylandRentCourt.com stands behind our motto: Quick, Easy, Affordable, and Professional.