MDEC Failure to Pay Rent

MarylandRentCourt.com vs MDEC

The Maryland Court system just launched its pilot program to convert all of their court documents and filing into digital formats. However, they were unable to digitize one important aspect – rent court filing.

What is MDEC?

MDEC is the Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) system that encompasses the entirety of the Maryland Judiciary case management system for all of the state court systems in Maryland. MDEC will allow courts to collect, store, and process records electronically, and will allow quick  access complete records as cases travel from District Court to Circuit Court.

MDEC Failure to Pay Rent Not Possible

Unfortunately for the state District Court system, e-filing failure to pay rent court cases was too difficult to implement. According the Maryland Courts website, they’re excluding this option from the MDEC system, which is launched its pilot program in October 2014. According to the website, “Failure-to-pay-rent cases will be excluded from the e-filing pilot.”

Paper form submission is still a required action. Per the state courts website, “[District Courts] will continue mandate the use of the 6-part [paper] form.”

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