Eviction Services in Baltimore City

What is an Eviction?

The eviction process in Maryland is more than simply allowing a landlord to kick a tenant out for the property and throwing their belongings in the street. It is a legal procedure that must go through the Maryland district court. It starts with filing a failure to pay rent notice (FTPR) on behalf of the Landlord against the tenant for failing to pay their rent on time. A Landlord can request a money judgment, which is a court order to force the tenant to render the necessary funds back to the Landlord. Aside from that, a Landlord may also seek to eviction his or her Tenant(s) from the property. Following the FTPR judgment, a Landlord may file a Warrant of Restitution (WOR) to seek an eviction. A Landlord must contact the sheriff to schedule an eviction. From there, an Eviction Notification must be posted. MarylandRentCourt.com also offers a wide selection of other Eviction Services in Baltimore City.

Landlord Stand-In

One of our agents will meet the Baltimore City Sheriff Deputy at the Landlord’s property on the date and time of the assigned eviction. The assigned agent will act on behalf of the Landlord and breech the dwellings door allowing the Deputy to execute the Warrant of Restitution; returning possession of the property to the Landlord. The agent will then change the dwellings locks and secure the property.MarylandRentCourt.com will then return a copy of the dwellings new keys to the appointed person. The fee includes the 2 Kwikset locks, keyed alike.

Emergency Stand-In

MarylandRentCourt.com has the staff to serve as a last minute Landlord stand-in. An emergency fee is assessed if the Landlord requests / orders for the stand-in is within the 48 hour period prior to the scheduled eviction date and time. The details of this service are identical to the standard Landlord Stand-In although the fee is accompanied with an $80.00 additional emergency fee.

Additional Locks

Following an Eviction, Baltimore City Sheriff’s Department requires that all dwelling doors which lead to the exterior must be rekeyed and or changed. Upon the execution of the Warrant of Restitution, the Detective will remove and replace all of the locks and bill accordingly for the additional locks if necessary. When ordering a Landlord Stand-In for an eviction 2 lock sets are already provided.MarylandRentCourt.com can provide additional locks as needed during the eviction.

Emergency Labeling

Baltimore City Sheriff’s Department requires that all dwelling doors on the front of the dwelling MUST be clearly labeled and must be large enough to be visible from the public-right-of-way. Upon the arrival of our Agent, if the dwelling is not clearly labeled, our agent will immediately label the dwelling in a manner which is in accordance with the law. If this action is required,MarylandRentCourt.com will automatically bill accordingly, after making appropriate attempt to notify Landlord of the arising discrepancy.

Before & After Pictures

At the time of the eviction, the Detective will document the belongings left behind by the prior Tenant. These pictures are to be used to document the damage and to support your claim if you choose to pursue damages in civil court.


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