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Our firm is mainly comprised of retired and former Law Enforcement Professionals, therefore all of our Agents and Detectives handle each and every case as if it were their own. The level of expertise and professionalism that you will receive while working with MarylandRentCourt.com is incomparable to any other customer based company.

The Rent Court/Eviction Process

Although the process can be conceived as complex and cumbersome; MarylandRentCourt.com has broken the rent court and eviction process down into 5 basic steps:

  • File Failure to Pay Rent Complaint (FTPR)
  • Initial Court Appearance
  • Warrant of Restitution
  • Scheduled date and time of eviction with the local Sheriff’s Department / Constable’s Office
  • Eviction Notification (Baltimore City Only)
  • Physical Eviction of Tenant by local Sheriff’s Department / Constable’s Office

The steps MUST be completed in its entirety to achieve the goal to evict your Tenant for non-payment of rent. MarylandRentCourt.com dedicated Agents and Detectives will relieve the stress and handle the entire rent court / eviction process for you.

We live, adhere and stand behind by our motto: Quick, Easy, Affordable, and Professional.