Failure to Pay Rent Maryland – FTPR

What is a Failure to Pay Rent?

When a tenant fails to pay the rent that is due, the landlord may file a failure to pay rent notice with the District Court of Maryland in the country or jurisdiction where the property is located. A failure to pay rent notice (or FTPR) is the first step in the eviction process for non-payment tenants.

You can read the full law here: MD Code, Real Prop. § 8-401

Failure to Pay Rent Maryland

According to the Maryland state government website, when a tenant fails to pay their rent that is due, the landlord is able file a written complaint with the District Court asking for the amount of rent due plus court costs, and or repossession of the premises (eviction).

After filing, the court will issue a summons and the sheriff or legally appointed detective will notify the tenant by mail that they are due to appear before the district court to answer for the the landlord’s complaint of failure to pay rent. It is the burden of the tenant (defendant) to show cause why the monetary or repossession request of the landlord should not be fulfilled.

If requested, the sheriff or legally appointed detective must also personally serve the summons.

File a Failure to Pay Rent Notice Online

MarylandRentCourt.comMarylandRentCourt.com allows users to file failure to pay rent notices online. The Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) system, released in October 2014, revolutionized the Maryland case management system by electronically digitizing the entire court filing and record keeping process EXCEPT failure to pay rent notices. The state still requires manual paper form submission, however, MarylandRentCourt.comMarylandRentCourt.com has its own system for e-filing failure to pay rent notices. With our system, you can follow our step-by-step  forms to answer all the important legal questions without all of the confusing legalese terminology. File your failure to pay rent notice online now.

Failure to Pay Rent

When a tenant fails to pay his or rent in Maryland, you need to file a Failure to Pay Rent. This Service Charge includes all required filing fees assessed by the District Court of Maryland.  Also included are all forms required for the Agents initial appearance and the in Rent Court to represent the Landlord. This is a flat fee, meaning there are no hidden fees associated with this service.


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