Eviction Notice Baltimore City

When Can I File an Eviction Notice?

After filing a failure to pay rent notice with the District Court and receiving a judgment in favor of the landlord, the landlord has the option to proceed with the eviction process. The landlord must file a warrant of restitution to begin the eviction process.

Eviction Notice Baltimore City

MarylandRentCourt.com has the ability to post your Eviction Notice for any property in Baltimore City. Our agents will arrive at the property up for eviction and post the notice per the requirements set forth by Maryland state law (MD Code, Real Prop. § 8-401). Our agents will perform eviction notice postings within a timely manner, in order to allow a landlord’s eviction process to continue in speedily as possible.


Call for pricing. After the Warrant of Restitution is filed and the required time has passed, the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Department must be contacted to schedule the eviction date and time. After the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Department has received the signed warrant from the District Court, the Sheriff’s Department will assign an Eviction Date and time to the case. MarylandRentCourt.com will contact the Sheriff’s Department retrieving the assigned eviction date and time. Once MarylandRentCourt.com has retrieved the eviction date and time, the Eviction Notification will be completed and placed for service.