Maryland Lead Certification

The Maryland Reduction of Lead Risk in Housing law requires that owners of rental properties and landlords have their properties certified lead free. MarylandRentCourt.com offers Maryland Lead Certification to Maryland landlords and rental property owners. The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) manages the certification process. They require that any property built before 1950 must be registered with the MDE. Maryland Lead Certification requires that the specific lead paint risk meet the standards set by the MDE.

How Does Maryland Lead Certification Work?

A Maryland Certified Lead Inspector will arrive at the property to perform the inspection. There are two (2) type of inspections: a swipe lead test, and a lead-free inspection. With a swipe test, the inspector will perform dust swipes in all rooms and send the samples off to the lab for testing. A swipe test must be performed every two years.

A lead-free inspection requires the inspector to test rooms for any trace of lead. A successful lead-free inspection provides immediate feedback, and if the property comes back lead-free, the inspection is validĀ for longer than the swipe test.

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$175.00 for 10 wipes ($13 per each swipe over 10)

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